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Foundations of using formulas in monday.com - the basic for beginners - including what the choices mean, how to use them, when to use spaces and parenthesis, etc.

We have created a Staff Rota with multiple automations on it if anyone is interested. Could be useful for small teams.
We also have a booking/contracting workflow using automations and Docugen to generate draft contracts, if that’s useful.
What I would really love to see is a Formula “solver”. Something which indicates where my Formulas are going wrong in real time. Or an area of the forum dedicated to fixing formulas?

@weareborg this is great feedback and I’d love to see a screenshot of your board. We’re always looking to increase our templates.

In terms of formulas - are you looking for more insight on what might be missing or needed to ensure your formula works correctly? I would like to pass this feedback to the product team for feedback. Thanks for contributing your ideas here!

Hi @Sherry thanks for the feedback! I hear what you mean, formulas can be challenging though sharing some examples through a webinar could make it easier.

Would it be helpful to go through an example with budgeting? Or any other specific use cases?

@lrosalanko A specific use case would be good, and budgeting may be of interest to a broad audience, tho not so much for me. I’m trying to add formulas to a board to calculate PTO in a way that I could not find as an example elsewhere. In particular, have PTO accrue throughout the year while also decreasing as taken (and account for different employees having different total vacation days for the year based on years employed). I’m not sure formulas can do this in monday.com, but since I know so little about formulas I’m not sure where to begin.

Hi @lrosalanko, re formulas: yes I mean highlighting in red if something is missing, a bracket needed etc. They can be a little tricky sometimes. If the Argument won’t compute, it would be useful to know where I’m going wrong.

I can send screens of boards, sure. Where to?

Hi @Sherry, I’m also working on a TIL/PTO board at the moment and trying to figure out the best way to use it. I may start with a form. Right now its a basic board with 2 x “Hour” columns, with a formula (HOURS_DIFF) to add the time between them, or, as has been suggested here, use the time tracking column to manually put it in and add a formula to parse it into a sum. Using groups for people but I have a v small team… It could be ‘fiddly’ but I’ll let you know how I go!

@weareborg We currently have a board for each person. It starts with a form that populates a pulse into a overarching group. It automatically sends an email to the supervisor to review. Based on the Type of PTO, upon approval (or denial) it (1) sends an email to the employee and then (2) moves to the group for that type of PTO (Vacation, Sick, Personal, Other). I then use formulas to subtract from total days. The issue are (1) I have to manually put in the days available to make the formulas work (and have a pulse in each group to also do so) and (2) the days actually accumulate, which means someone could take off more days than they’ve earned (at least up until the total for the year). Here’s a screenshot of what we currently are using: 2021-08-24_11-53-14 Any suggestions for improvement and figuring the formula would be great! I like what you mentioned on figuring difference.

Hi @Sherry. I see what you mean.
So, the “Days Remaining” column should read
10, 9, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 1. right?
If “10” is the constant, a potentially (overly simple) solution would be to use the board item requests (pulses) to count up to 10 and it auto-sums as it goes? As opposed to trying to subtract cumulatively which, from limited experience with formulas isn’t Monday’s forte (VLookup etc). It works across rather than up/down, if that makes sense!

@weareborg I see what you are trying to do, and it would be nice for the Days Remaining column to reflect this instead of using the sum at the bottom to be the total days remaining. Unfortunately there isn’t a “constant.” To make it work right now I have to manually put in the 10 for Days Available. Some emplyees get 15, and one even gets 20. All are earned as the year progresses. I want a formula for the Days Available column (ex for person earning 10 days): start Jan. 1 and for every 35 days, create 1 Day Available. Only at the end of the year would the Days Available column for the Vacation Time Earned pulse be 10. Maybe there is a better way to build this?!

What about using “every time period” to create an item. The time period being every 35 days from Jan 1st.
And then create a formula to add 1 day per entry. Or just have a number column that says 1.
Make the number 1 (or the formula) be the default for every new item created and they should populate automatically, the number column adding the total as it goes.
This way the board automatically populates the PTO entitlement every 35 days?
There would be a different frequency for the people who earn more (365/15 = every 24 days (approx_ etc). I could be off, and it only solves one portion, but maybe it helps?

@weareborg Interesting thought. If I understand correctly, it would create a separate pulse “every time period”? Let me consider this as it could be done in a group at the bottom of the board to be “out of the way”

Correct. Although it would be done in real time. Not a total in advance.
Every “35 days” create an item > The item has a number column, and the default in that column is “1”.
This column will auto sum at the bottom of the group.
If its more the PTO ratio is higher, change the frequency. Every “24 days” create an item etc.
Maybe not an elegant solution but its all I got for now! :slight_smile: