Webhook Creation from api taking more than 6 seconds

I am creating the webhook for the particular board by using the Monday APIs; it’s working fine, but the response time of the API call is more than 6 seconds. you can find postman screen (time is 6.79 sec) on the top right corner.

is there any way to get the response less than 6 seconds?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @team,

is there any on this?

Hi @team,

This is an urgent requirement.

We did the integration with Monday and FreshService, and we are going to deliver it to the customer. It’s in the final stage; we stuck here.

In FreshService, we have a 6 second limit in the request methods, if the API takes more than 6 seconds, the request method will return a timeout error.

Could you please provide the solution for this, what we can do to get the response in 6 seconds?

Thanks team

Hi @dED_Community,

is there any update on this?

Hello there @balanagendra,

Matias here!

I am sorry for the late reply. We just saw this since it was not in the developers section of the community. I have changed the section and will reply in the ticket you opened :grin:


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Thanks for the reply

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One thing to consider, is can you create the webhooks asynchronously/queued?

Then you can return FreshService immediately. Just need to have something to track the completion of any outstanding tasks, and if they fail, execute some sort of compensation action.

That said I have no idea about your overall application architecture, or what it is doing, so this could be completely impossible without a major rearchitecting.

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