Webhook : Do not fire if column change is triggered externally. (or how to check)

Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this question…

We are using Webhooks integration: “When any column changes send a webhook”…
We have a two-way application which sometimes updates the column data externally.
But this then triggers the Monday Webhook - which sends the same data back to our original application - this is at least causing us to process unnecessary traffic - and I suppose could cause data sync issues on a slow network.

Is there some way to have the webhook trigger like:
“When any column is changed IN MONDAY ONLY send a webhook”
(If we have to write a Monday app for this, can someone provide an outline of how?)

Otherwise what is the sensible way for us to check in our external application that the column change was made IN MONDAY and not via API/Webhook…?

I can see in the Webhook data when change is made in Monday contains the [previousValue] array…
Would it be safe for us to check for the existence of this array as an indicator that the data change happened in Monday?


It is possible to filter the webhooks trigger to only when a column is changed in Monday only. One way to achieve this is to create a dedicated user account in Monday specifically for making API calls to modify the data. When a webhook gets triggered it includes the user that triggered the webhook. You can filter out changes made by this dedicated user account when monitoring for changes to the data.

Hope this helps

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Thank you! This does seem like it’s a quick way around the problem. Will try it tonight.

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