Webhook dropdown value changed trigger problem


When we change the selected value in dropdown column webhook is not triggerred. There is a problem here.
When we clear the selected item webhook is triggerred.

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Hey Mehmet, can you tell me more about the behaviour here?

Are you changing the value by adding another value in the dropdown multiselect, or removing the existing value and adding a new one?

When we change the selected value it should be triggered by webhook automatically. But it doesn’t triggered. It works only when selected value is cleared.

@dipro-monday.com any updates?

Hey @mehmet – I haven’t had the chance to reproduce this yet, but let me test in the next couple of days and report it to our team. Thanks a lot for sending this along!

Let me know when you have any updates.


Hey Mehmet,

I just responded to your email. I couldn’t reproduce the error, so I’d love to know more – let’s chat over a ticket :slight_smile: