Webhook / HTTP Endpoints as a Trigger

Hi folks,

I can’t express how happy I am that finally API v2 is released!

We are making extensive API integrations with monday.com and there were a lot of functions and columns types missing in API v1.

Anyway most or nearly all integrations have a problem. They are a “one-way road”. You are calling and querying the API to update or receive data. In case someone changes or adds a pulse in monday.com GUI nothing will happen unless you have a cronjob running that periodically triggers the API and looks for something new “somewhere”. This not only makes it harder to process things in real-time it also wastes a lot of resources and may lead to brake the rate limits.

Why does monday.com not offer to setup a webhook? Each time someone adds or changes a pulse the webhook will be triggered with the corresponding pulse_id, board_id etc. This way the integration behind the webhook can query the monday.com API directly. This would help monday.com to save resources and integrations will be much faster, consistent and have an easy workflow.

Example without webhook:

  • User adds a pulse “p” in board “b”.
  • Integration needs to know “b” and periodically look for “p”.
  • Integration needs to have a own database to look if “p” already exists or changed

Example with webhook:

  • User adds a pulse “p” in board “b”
  • Webhook triggers HTTP endpoint and tells “p”
  • Integration receives “p”.

It will also be sufficent if the webhook at its simplest level would only receive the pulse_id from “p”. Now the integration can query the monday.com API for specific columns, boardid, groupid…

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Hey @Flo – welcome to the community!

I definitely hear where you’re coming from. We’re working on adding webhooks to our platform and currently have an early version out in alpha testing.

I’d love to give access to your account – can you reach out to support@monday.com with this request so we can get you squared away? We’re still ironing out some issues with the feature, but it’ll give you something to work with (instead of having to run cronjobs every X minutes).


Awesome! I will reach out to the support and happy to already test and pimp our integrations with this cool feature…

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Amazing! Glad to have folks like you testing our new stuff :100: