Webhook Integration

One of our clients has a question/requests about Webhook integration.

  1. Is it possible to attach webhook to all of the board at once? Or is it possible to attach certain
    webhook by default, when creating a new board.
  2. If question 1 isn’t possible, when you copy a board with webhook integrated to it, will the copied
    board also have the same webhook integrated to it?
    3.If these two questions aren’t possible, when acquiring an item via API v2(GraphQL), is it
    possible to acquire them by descending order of “updated_at”?
    4 If all of these aren’t possible, when will these feature by available?

Hi @ryo

About you first question it is not possible to attach webhook to all board at once. The user have to create the integration for each board he have.
When you copy a board all integration will be copied to, which means that the new board will have the same integration.
Unfortunately currently it is not possible to query items order by update_at but this is a feature that we have in our backlog. In the meantime you can query the items and order in application code.

Thanks for your feedback,

Thank you for your response.
Is there any possibility that feature which enables you to to attach webhook to all board at once be implemented any time soon?

Hey @ryo,

It’s something we would like to implement in the future - but we wouldn’t be able to share an ETA on this at the moment. This being said I’ll go ahead and pass it to our dev team to look into and see if we can add it to our roadmap in the future.