Webhook to know when an item is deleted/archived

Is it possible to have a webhook that notifies when an item has been deleted or archived?

Hi @turboroof :wave:

monday.com does not currently have any webhooks that are triggered upon item deletion or archival, but I’m happy to share this feedback with the team! I can certainly see how this would be useful.

Let us know if you have any other questions or suggestions! :muscle:


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Has there been any update on this? I really need it. I constantly have to update my external databases manually and it’s very time consuming.

hi Scott, is there any update on this feature? It would make my life so much easier since I need to sync up my database with some pulses from Monday

Hey @turboroof - Daniel stepping in for Scott here.

We don’t quite have an update on this feature at the time - but I can definitely see how this would be something useful to have. This request has been shared with the team internally and we hope to tackle it down the line, but I wouldn’t quite be able to provide an ETA right now.

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thank you Daniel, I look forward to have this feature available

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I too would very much appreciate such a webhook.


I too need this web hook. Is there any plan yet to implement this?

+1, We too need a web hook to detect deleted/archived items.
Is there an ETA yet? or a workaround to know the recently deleted items in a board?

Monday team, can you please provide an update on this.

It’s extremely difficult to manage our external integrations at the scale of our account usage without access to one of the fundamental pillars of the CRUD data lifecycle.

This becomes especially difficult when you also impose arbitrary API limits and extreme “costs” to execute queries that need to check for items that have been deleted/archived.



Im perplexed that this isnt an integrated webhook already. Please listen to the community and at least get the basics done.

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Is there any update on this topic? This is fundamental. Also need it urgently as we’re currently manually updating our database with wrong data

@dsilva @monday-team

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@Helen would you be able to provide an update on this functionality?

In lieu of a formal delete hook, if the update item/group/board hook would fire when the ‘deleted’, ‘archived’, or ‘status’ fields change, this would likely be enough for most use cases I have.

This is really a critical piece of functionality that is missing.

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Hi all,

I’m afraid I don’t have an update to provide at this time. I can definitely understand how important this feature is to have, so I’m going to bump our development team again.

For now, I would definitely recommend polling and querying your boards in a timely basis to see which of your items have been deleted.

Thank you for your patience!

An item_deleted event is indeed needed - periodically polling all items and checking them on another system (Google Calendar for many users in my case) is not feasible. The alternative would be to introduce an intermediate database for the sole purpose of detecting deletions - that’s crazy. So my vote for an item_deleted event (webhook or custom integration) is here!

I’m already starting to migrate that type of automations out of monday since I’ve waited for a long time for this feature