Webhook to trigger when due date is passed

Is it possible via webhooks to send notification of due date passed in my chat channel either slack or telegram, so I just need a webhook or something that I can capture to know that due date has passed for this item and then I want to send notification to a channel. Please let me know if that is possible.

Hi @rajender0911 :wave:

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I’ve got a couple potential solutions for you :muscle:

  1. Our native Slack integration includes two recipes that will allow you to send a notification to a Slack channel when a date has passed, or to send a notification to a Slack user when a date has passed:


  1. If you need an actual webhook, you can accomplish this by first utilizing the below automation recipe to update a status column when a date passes:

and then that would trigger this webhook that can feed into a custom integration (if you wish to build one):


Would either of those workflows fit your needs? :slight_smile: