Webhook triggering in near real time

Hi there :wave:,
I’m working on an App that should check if if the maintenance of a site was done on time.
For instance, a task is planned for 10am. If it is 10:15am and nobody went on site, we should send an email to the project manager to say: “you should send someone else”. We can’t wait for the next day.
How would you do that?

Hi @jeromeskiply!
You can use our monday trigger “Scheduled Config” as so:

After that, you could implement a custom action:
“and status is something, send an email”

For authorization for your email service you can read this article:

Hi @edogr1,
This doesn’t work in real time… The date trigger config will be checked only once per day at fixed time.
So it does not solve my problem.

It runs every hour and not once a day, so besides a few minutes of a possible delay it should be realtime. If you want to get specific by the minute you could implement your own custom trigger for that

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Thanks @edogr1 I will check it out, but I must be missing something.

Hey @jeromeskiply,

Could you expand a bit more on what you’re trying to achieve real time, and what it would be doing ideally? Are you trying to trigger this behavior based on a condition, or every X time?