Webhooks for all types of columns


I want to be able to trigger hooks for columns that have text/number types. Currently, there is no such option for this. To achieve this I need to listen to changes in all columns and this will consume all my actions that are 25k/per month. On the board, I have more than 50 columns and I just want to listen to 6 of then, but just 1 has a Status type.

We create 500 new items on the board per week, so just to fill the items on the board I would need 100k webhooks/per month.

Can you please help me somehow?

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Hi @bdonizetisilva,

You can now use the monday Apps framework to reduce your webhooks per month. It is still in beta, but you can easily use these for private applications at the moment.

Using Apps, you can create your own recipes that will only trigger on the column(s) you select.

You can activate Apps on your account by following the instructions in this link -> https://monday.com/developers/apps/manage

If I understand correctly, you can use the ‘When a Column Changes’ trigger in your recipe. You would then need to use this integration on your board for each of the columns that you wish you listen to. Your action would then point to your webhook URL.

This method would require a bit more configuration and potentially creating an authorisation process depending on what tasks you need to perform. But it will reduce the load on your webhook/integration counts.

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Mitchell’s solution is also amazing if you want to specify a particular column, or if you want to build a reusable recipe for your use case!

Thank you for answering.

In my DEV board, I just have single integration configurated that is the webhook, and every time an update is made the actions counter is increased, as you can see on this image below. Are you sure that it doesn’t count against the actions quota?

I’ll try Mitchell’s solution, but it would be very helpful if it doesn’t count against the number of actions.

Hey @bdonizetisilva – I double checked with our dev team, and I was mistaken before. Webhooks will indeed count towards your account’s actions. I’ll go ahead and edit my post to fix this.

Apologies for the back and forth!