Webhooks showing in UI after it is deleted with delete_webhook

Wondering if more people are experiencing this. After deleting a webhook with delete_webhook it still shows up in the UI. It is actually deleted (not accepting request) and when you refresh it disappears. As I am using a custom trigger with subcribe and unsubscribe endpoints and the subscribe endpoint creates the webhook (unsubscribe deletes it). Every time the user modifies the recipe unsubscribe and subscribe will be called leading to many unused webhooks visible in the UI.

Low priority bug, but please solve before others start complaining :slight_smile:

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Hey @basdebruin :wave:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! To be transparent with you, this is something we are aware of and this is an issue that could potentially affect other integrations as well, and not just our Webhooks feature. I’ll pass this to our product team because I do believe you have a valid point - users should be able to delete irrelevant credentials and connections from their end.


Hi @AlexSavchuk, in this particular case connections are deleted, it is just a matter that the UI still shows them. If you login / logout the visible (but not existing) webhooks are disappeared.

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Thanks for providing further detail! I’ll pass that bit to the product team. Perhaps the logout helps because your cache is cleared? Are you able to delete a webhook and then clear cache while in the integration center to see if that helps?

Still, totally valid improvement point and feedback. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Hi @AlexSavchuk

Sorry, I probably phrased it not very clear. I am talking about the visibility of the recipe containing the webhook (see below). When I change my recipe (the lowest one) that contains a custom trigger, I receive an unsubscribe and subscribe request. In the unsubscribe endpoint I delete the webhook with an API call delete_webhook. However this recipe is still showing up (the circled one) although not active. Looks like it is not browser cache, a refresh solves it.

For my users it is a little unclear what is going on :slight_smile: