Website widgets


Will we ever see some for of website widgets (plugins, extensions, modules …)?

There are so many use cases for embedding boards/Groups/Pulses directly into a website:

Embedding a Support (ticket) board based on a website user (or user group)
Embedding a Task list board based on a website user (or user group)

This feature already exists through the use of board broadcasting but this is very limited in terms of capabilities.

A full-fledged widget would ideally allow things like:

Board interaction (add updates from the website directly)
Board styling (custom based styles/CSS)

Any thoughts on this ?


I understand where you are coming from, and it would of course be cool. But I do not think you are considering the security aspects.


Indeed, the nitty gritty in all this would be for the super devs to figure out. I am simply expressing the business requirement/advantages that would come from this :slight_smile:

We’re seeing more and more external solutions allow embedding into central client channels. Solutions like Ecwid e-commerce for example and now Zenddesk (and many more).