Weekend/Non-Working Days at the Board Level

Is there any way to shut off the ability to use weekends at the board level, rather than just the account level, when using a timeline? On the whole I don’t want timelines to reflect weekend days but there are circumstances where that is avoidable. However I want it to be be limited to just the boards that need to infringed on weekends, not every timeline that is generated.

Separate but related, is there a way to define non-working days at either the account or the board level (akin to SmartSheets)? So if I wanted to block out 7/4, 12/25, 1/1 from being reflected in timelines, do I need to set those as specific items in a board with a dependency to move around (which is clunky) or can I just eliminate them as working days?

I had a call today with our TAM and had similar questions. I was told today that:

  • Workdays is a global setting so it will impact all Boards in all Workspaces
  • Adding in specific days (i.e. National Holidays) is a WIP.