Weekly Item Creation - Same for all employees

I am sure it is possible however… I cannot seem to.

As a business, I have recurring tasks for multiple staff on their TO DO lists.

Ideally I would like to create an item e.g. (Send update Email to Suppliers) every Monday with 5 employees attached. As they should delete once complete, I want 5 of the same task created with each person assigned to just one of the duplicate tasks.

Is this possible?


I think the simplest way would be to use one of the following automations.

We have a similar need that I used Integromat to solve. I put the items that I wanted duplicated into a group and have the Integromat scenario copy the items in this group and then modify the copied items (to set specific due dates).

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Along with the response from JCorrell, you could also make a “template” group that contains all of your tasks for the following week, then you can use an automation to automatically duplicate the entire group.

i.e. let’s say your work week starts on Mondays, you could always make sure that all tasks for the next week are inputted into this template group. Then you can set an automation to “Duplicate” that template group every Sunday, and then rename that group “Weekly tasks for week XX.” Then your employees can start to work their way down the list in the new group.

I would also recommend hiding the template group from the employees so you are able to streamline their experience and make using Monday.com a simpler and cleaner experience, which is crucial for efficiency.

I’ve induced a screen shot of an example template group and a screen shot of the automation you could use.

Best of luck and let me know if I can help any further!


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