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Hello guys,
I’m looking to create an app but I can’t find how to perform a specific action. My application is going to consume Rest services from an external platform for various users. Each user has their own authorization token, therefore, when a user applies my integration, I need this user to indicate what her authorization token is.

I have checked in the community and in the Monday welcome apps but I can’t find how to do this.
I have noticed that for example, the Jira application requests a URL, an email, and a token, the first time it is going to be used (attached image) and saves them to use them; I would like to do something similar but only saving the token.

There is some documentation that can guide me in this process?

Hi @christian.rodas! Welcome to the community~

Hmm it sounds like what you could want to implement in this case is OAuth. This way, the user doesn’t even need to generate a token manually to paste into your integration.

Could something like this be better? OAuth would then be initiated when the user installs your app, and wouldn’t be tied to a specific integration recipe.

If not, while our apps framework doesn’t yet support the same type of credential-asking page like our in-house Jira integration, you can perhaps even make the authorization a part of your recipe.

So for instance, if you set up a custom field that would be used in your trigger to take in the user’s token to be stored.

Let me know your thoughts here.

Thanks @Helen
I currently don’t have a way to use OAuth. So I will follow the suggestion to request the API in the recipe creation.
I would have liked to have something more elaborate, but initially, it could meet the need.

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@christian.rodas of course!

Do keep in mind though, for an app to qualify in our marketplace it will need to use OAuth and not bearer token/basic auth.

Here are our app submission guidelines page should you be curious: monday Apps - Submit to the Marketplace

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