We've added Voting to the Feature Request category!

Hi all,

We have added in a Voting feature to the feature request category!
This allows you to vote on specific topics in this category.

In order for us to make decisions about the requests, we still need to know the detail of why your request would help your workflow so voting itself won’t be enough on its own. Please vote but also explain how the feature would help your team :smiley:



Hi @Julia-monday.com i want to make a suggestion that maybe can help you to priorize all user requests, find common items between us.

I think there should be a section where all users can post our 5 “must have” features that we need asap in order to make our workflows works better in monday.com.

I think there are at least between 10 and 15 critical items that monday.com needs to improve in order to make this a big solution for us, examples of this are subtasks, custom automations and others.

Its an idea, nothing more.


Hey @hlopezvc

Thanks for the suggestion, which we’ll keep in mind. I think the new voting system is going to help us get more quantitative insights for feature requests as well as the more qualitative research the community posts provide us. I want to see how this works for the time being and we might consider your suggestion if we feel it isn’t working well.

Feel free to add your votes :smiley:

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Hi @Julia-monday.com another suggestion that i figured out, is:
why not to use monday.com to create a shared board where all account admins can access to a full list of featured request in order to vote them… its just an idea.