What am I assigned to that isn't already done: my personal to-do list

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Appreciate the feedback!
We have a feature voting mechanism in place here: https://productific.com/go/TuesdaysTools

@hlopezvc I believe you’ve already got your feature request posted there, and it’s under active development.

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@Foobart, completely agree, Monday need to make the My Week section include all the columns of the tasks, allow filtering of everything working live on everything assigned to you across numerous boards in the one place rather than having to go to every board to update the tasks assigned to you. They could also add a project column to allow anything assigned on one board to be completely mirrored on a central ‘your to do list board’ as Asana do and as I have suggested as a needed function below, check it out!

This is great but its unfortunately just another additional fee for something Monday.com should be able to solve themselves and do better. Why can’t Monday.com just make this already!


That’s why they created the App Marketplace - features that seem super obvious to some would be unnecessary for others. With the App Marketplace Monday effectively expands their development team 10x and we independent parties can solve market needs much faster.

And to Monday’s credit, they have made attempts to solve this with My Week and the like, but some people need more powerful tools. That’s where we come in. https://www.tomorrows-tools.com/