What does app-subscription-cancelled-by-user mean?

When we get a webhook event from monday.com that app_subscription_cancelled_by_user, does this mean the account should not have a subscription anymore? Or should we wait for the app_subscription_cancelled event?

Hi @samicaracand
The app_subscription_cancelled_by_user event means that the subscription is still active but won’t renew at the end of the current period.

Thanks @rob
Two more questions:

  1. Can the user who canceled later ‘uncancel’? If so, how would we know – it doesn’t seem to be an event for this.
  2. How about app_subscription_cancelled → does this mean the subscription is cancelled at the time of the event, regardless of the next renewal?

Also – I was looking for a way to query the API for the status of the subscription of any arbitrary account. I couldn’t find this. It seems the only reference we have are the webhooks and the monthly payment statements. This is a bit like the bank telling us here are your transactions for the month, now you figure out your account balance!

Yes they can uncancel - app_subscription_cancellation_revoked_by_user is the webhook received.

Most of your questions will be answered here as well: App life cycle events

Yes, there’s an event for that: app_subscription_cancellation_revoked_by_user.

The app_subscription_cancelled is sent when the subscription ends and doesn’t renew.
Or after 45 days from the first app_subscription_renewal_attempt_failed.
Please note that if the user uninstalls the app, no more events are sent.

Unfortunately there’s no way to do it outside of the app.
You can query the app_subscription object (see https://developer.monday.com/apps/docs/api-reference#app-subscription) but you need to use the auth token specifically generated for the app (OAuth2 or shortLivedToken).