What is automation recipe to move 2 items when item status triggers a move?

2 boards (“Work in Progress” and “Completed”) with same 2 Groups (Planning and Execution).

When Status of an Activity is changed to “Done” (in Work in Progress board), both items with same Activity name in both groups are moved to the corresponding groups in “Completed” Board.
In this example below, when status of Activity 3 (in either group) is changed to Done, Activity 3 in Planning group is moved to Planning group of Completed board and Activity 3 in Execution group is moved to Execution group in Completed board
Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hi @tylerrake an idea that might help - can you turn the Planning and Execution “groups” into two “boards” instead?
Then if you have to items that should be tied together on Planning and Execution, you can use a Mirror column to tie them together. And you can set up your automations to move them to the Completed board like you want.
Just an idea! You may also be able to tie the two items together with a mirror column on the same “board”, but I haven’t tried that myself.

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