What is best practice to populate an existing column through an API-call?

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I just wanted to check one thing with you guys:
I now manage to create a board, create an item and create 6 column on this item. But the columns are empty. What is the best way to populate these empty columns through a mutaiton? I found “change_simple_column_value” and “change_column_value”, but I guess these are for changing the already existing content of a column. Is it best practice to use one of these for populating empty columns as well? If so, which one of them? Maybe I’m not properly understanding the documentation :sweat_smile:

And as usual: Thank you guys for always replying quickly and clearly! :slight_smile:

ideally I would like to populate these 6 columns with one single call, and I guess that’s possible, correct? :slight_smile:

hi @Sina

Both “change_simple_column_value” and “change_column_value” allow you to change (or initially set) the column values for an item. The difference is that the first one expects the value as as sting, where the second one expects a JSON (stringified).

To change multiple columns in one call you can use “change_multiple_column_values” that support both string and JSON formats. See also here


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