What is the max size of data stored under board?

I’m investigating the https://github.com/mondaycom/monday-sdk-js#mondaystorage
What is the maximum size of data we can store under, one board? Do you have any limitations here?

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Hi @appsvio_tom,
we currently enforce limits on key-value pairs only as follows: key names are limited to 256 characters, and values are limited to 4MiB each. So if you run monday.storage.instance.setItem('my_key_name', 'a_string_one_million_characters_long')you shouldn’t have any issues.

Other than that, the API currently offers unlimited storage, meaning no limits on the number of key-value pairs you can store per application instance. If you need to store more than 4MiB of contiguous data, you should consider splitting your data into multiple keys.

While we may introduce further limits in the future as we continue to develop the Storage API, the limits should be suitable for the vast majority of cases. We will also not retroactively delete any data.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:
Daniel from the monday.com team