What is the purpose of ColumnType integration?

The create_column mutation accepts a ColumnType argument with one of the options being integration. What is the purpose of this type?

Hey @fatih

I believe these column are used to facilitate integration Apps.

If you check the Zendesk integration (you can easily create a trial Zendesk account) and add thisZendesk_To_Monday_Integration
on one board, it should add an integration column.

In this specific case the integration column seems to stock the Zendesk ticket number.
Its value can not be edited by anyone but the integration, which is nice.

monday.com is gradually providing us with the tools to do this kind of complex integrations, which is nice.

Shout out to monday.com staff if you think you need this for your App, this might be available for beta use as it is kind of documented in api :slight_smile:

Great find. I played around with it and indeed the column can only be filled by an automation. For the UI it is a read-only column. Even the automation can set the value only once, additional writes will have no effect (without failing). This make is a wonderful Write Once Read Many (WORM) column that is ideal for auditing purposes etc.

However :slight_smile: , when you duplicate an item with a filled integration column value, the value will be duplicated (same value) and the API can’t write anymore. I have discussed this with wonderful @AlexSavchuk and his advise is not to use this column for this moment as it is for future purposes.

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