What is "USI reference column"?

I have just noticed, that subitems to our tasks, have a column called “#USI”:


Apparently, the description is “USI reference column” - but I am none the wiser.

I have no idea if my company added this, or if this is something by monday.com - in any case, my online searches for monday.com "USI reference column" return 0 results. But, I get that column whenever I add a new task item, and then I try to add a new subitem.

So: is “USI reference column” something built-in the monday.com web app - and if so, what does “USI” mean? (first hits online are “Unique Student Identifier”, and I doubt that is what the meaning is here).

It is a column added by the “Unlimited Sub-Items” app. It is used by the app to store information about the hierarchies you create in the app

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