What level of users does a monday.com account have?

Admins, members, viewers and guests.

On the new Nonprofit plan (as of late July 2021) each user is 1 member and you get up to 10 users for free, in addition to unlimited viewers and guests.

For all of the details on what each user type can do check out this article: What Are The Levels of Users In My Account?

My nonprofit organization expanded at the beginning of this month (August), and now we need 7 seats (where before we had less than 5). However, I keep getting an alert: “We’ve had trouble upgrading your account to the next seats plan, please review your payment info.”

When/how will the increased number of free seats for nonprofits be reflected in our account?

Hi @ajwhitman - great question, we will need to take steps and confirm you are eligible for our new plan & complete a few steps on the backend in order to move to the nonprofit plan. You can send me an e-mail at laurenr@monday.com with your account URL (i.e. example.monday.com) and I’d be happy to help you with the next steps!