What percentage of users/customers are supported by the monday monetization framework?


I’ve nearly finished developing a Monday.com app and I was hoping to make use of the Monday monetization framework to handle billing so that I don’t have to setup a whole system to deal with that.
The documentation states that the system is being gradually released and I won’t be able to use the Monday monetization framework for all customers.
Is there an indication of how far through this release process Monday.com are? I want to know whether it’s worth the effort to write my own billing system for the percentage of customers who won’t be able to be charged through the monetization framework, obviously it’s worth the time to implement by own billing if 90% of customers are not on the new system but not really worth it if only 5% are not.
Also are there any details available on how different plan tiers are setup? The concept of plan_ids exist in the documentation but there’s nothing to say whether they can be setup based solely on the usage of the particular app or whether there can be a per seat charge etc?



Hello @MattG!

You can now use monetization for pretty much all users (more than 99% of the accounts)! Only a handful of accounts are outside of the monetization scope.

You can define the plans yourself. We will provide you with the plan each account is using and you can enforce the desired restrictions (for example, per amount of documents generated, per amount of users, etc.)

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s great to know,
Thanks for the reply,

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