What should we use to communicate with clients who create an item via a "Form" but are not monday.com members/viewers/guests

Hi, We are a new user to monday.com and having trouble with communication between our members and non-members who are clients of the system.
Short of adding everyone who is a non-member as a viewer, it seems like we cannot store details of the communication about the request on monday.com

Use Case: Client “X” will create an item via a monday.com “Form” link. Our members who work on these items(requests) need to ask certain questions and there is a bit of back and forth until we understand the requirements.

We tried these 2 things below:

  1. CommuniHub: This turned out to be a huge privacy issue for us because CommuniHub was displaying really every email between the users which might also have been personal and unrelated to monday.com or any ticket. So we stopped using this when monday.com said this is expected behavior.
  2. CC’ing the pulse email on a response to the client about a monday.com item: Did not work for us. If the client did a reply all, they received an email from monday.com saying they are not a user and hence their email did not get sent to the cc. It was just confusing for them.

I am curious what everyone else is using to communicate with clients and did I miss anything besides the 2 options mentioned above?

Thank you

@jasmined With CommuniHub aka Email & Activities, have you tried going into the settings and selecting “Only log outgoing emails into Emails & Activities that are BCCed to the address below”? See screenshot:

This should stop Monday from importing emails you send to the contact from your email box unless you BCC the shown address. However I’m not sure if it will still import emails received from that contact.

You could also set up a separate shared mailbox e.g. support@yourco.com and use that for ticketing so any sensitive conversations are only in your team’s individual email boxes which would not be connected to monday.

Finally, another option is integrating with Zendesk which is probably a better fit for a “request”/ticketing style workflow you describe. You can have a zendesk ticket opened automatically when an item is added in monday, or have a monday item created when a zendesk ticket is opened, and keep both systems in sync. More about this here: Zendesk Integration – Support