When an [update] is created in the parent item and contains [keyword] create a new [subitem]

I would like the ability to auto-create a new subitem when a keyword or keyphrase is mentioned in the update of the parent item. We are trying to use the parent item for discussion and definition, when we need to explore new ideas we create subitems related to the parent item. It would be nice if subitems could be automatically created when a certain keyword or keyphrase is mentioned in the update. For example, if the comment had the phase “create subitem”. An automation would trigger to create a new subitem. And the parent item’s comment and thew new subitem will be functionally and visually linked together. This way i can jump from parent item to subitem and vice versa.

Hi @Jaewoo

The team at JT’s Cloud have built a lot of custom automations for monday.com users. This is something we are able to build as well. If you’d like to send an email to renae@jtscloud.com we can get this setup quickly for you.