When does the automation "When date has passed" run?

Hi there,
I 've tested an automation with the trigger “When column Date changes, create item in board” to see the result immediately and it works.
Now i want to turn it into “When date has passed” but i see no result, even if the date is yesterday. I precise that I work on new items.
I wonder if automations such as “When date has passed” run once a day at 9 am for example ? Because I 've noticed the automation “When date arrives” works if you precise the hour.
Thank you for your help.


I have a few “When date has passed” automations an they seem to run around 01:00am EST on my end. Give or take about 5 mins depending on how busy the Monday servers are.

So if yours didn’t go off at all and the day has passed, can you screen shot your automation and share it here? Also check your time zone settings for both your Monday account and your user profile.


Thanks for your quick response !

Here is the screenshot :

My time zone is (GMT+01:00) Paris
I can’t see the time zone of the Monday account. It looks like I can’t edit it either.

Just checked in my automations log - mine seem to run beginning at 12:00am EST. Do you have access to the automations activity beta? There should be timestamps in there if so.

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@hscherer I can see the automation logs of the board but can’t identify now when this automation runs. I think I have to check tomorrow now the new automation “when date has passed” is created…