"When email received and contains add an update" not working/working consistently with itemid

Hello all,
I’m using the gmail email integration on many different systems for requests\correspondences.

Using the “add recieved email as an update” is great because it allows multiple people to work on multiple requests\tasks from one location with people outside the org.

However, if you have multiple requests (lets say every row is a graphic design request, where you are messaging client using a gmail integration) from the same client, the responses get added as an update to all previous requests as well.

So obviously the solution is to add itemid to every email sent, and in the “When email is recieved from” change the recipe to "when subject or body contains {item’s itemid} "

But I haven’t been able to make this feature work, on several boards , for a couple weeks.

Anyone ran into this and found a solution? Any common pitfalls to avoid?

Any input would be appreciated

P.S: For anyone who is facing this a possible hotfix is to duplicate the board, and create an “auto aging” automation where after a week the item moves to the duplicate board.