When i create a new item via api, it says my userid created the item, can it say the app created it instead my personal id?

When i create a new item via the api, it says my userid created the item, can it say my app created it (called SkyTrax) instead my personal id and email? as a developer, i don’t want these email notifciations to go out as being from me as that will confuse the users (and they will reply to me and who wants to interact with… users… ;-).

Hey @barrycox,

Daniel here :wave:

Can you expand a bit on how you are creating / assigning the item over the API? Are you changing the column values with the ‘column_values’ mutation? If you could let us know or post your API query, we’ll take a closer look at it on our end.


yes, i’m using (in php):

mutation ($columnVals: JSON!) {
change_multiple_column_values (
board_id: ‘.$hskpg_board.’,
item_id: ‘.$create_itemResponse->data->create_item->id.’,
column_values:$columnVals) {

and sending $columnVals as a variable.

It would be great if this worked differently, IMO. I’m assuming that you are using an API token to authorize the operations. What we did was to create a user that is specifically for this. We use the token assigned that user for access. We even used the monday logo for the picture on that user.

Hi @barrycox, @JCorrell

I definitely confirm what Jim is saying. The API tokens are personal, so everything done with a token belonging to users XYZ will be done on behalf of user XYZ. Creating a “dummy” user can solve this in many cases.

oh, that’s a real bummer. so all of my user notifications will be reply to… me…

or i have to pay for another user and call it SkyTrax.

Hi @barrycox

It really depends which token you are using. If it is yours, yes…it will appear to be you. As my integration apps are designed to be used in multiple account I do an OAuth handshake to get the token of the user that adds the automation, so in this case the user will see a notification form himself. Or, in case another member of that account is using that automation, that user will see a notification from the user who added the integration to the board.

Are you talking about a monday app? And if so is that a board view or an integration that does make the API calls.

it’s a monday app called skytrax that creates and syncs boards from skytrax->monday. it also goes 2 ways using webhooks for monday->skytrax.

i would just prefer that the email notification came from ‘skytrax’ or ‘monday integration’ to having to come from a user. *it would also be nice if the webhook would indicate that the change is from the api… right now as i build a board it sends dozens of webhooks (from my user id, so it’s related) and i have to try to figure out that those came from me (where i don’t want to take action) vs. a user changing it on the board (where i do want to take action).

thanks for your help thinking through this!

i think the idea of creating another userid is the best/only way around this. another $200/yr to monday, but it’s only money.

Hi Barry

Understood, but still a little puzzled. If you say “from my user id” that implies to me that your token is used. Or - at least - user token is used to create the automation. What happens if another user (maybe in another account) add this automation / integration to a his/her board?