When I type an update to myself I don't get an email

When I type an update to myself I don’t get an email, even though my email preferences are “instant email.” I would love for my notes to myself in the update section to go to both my email and, ideally, in the “My Work” section. How do others manage using the update section to @yourself to create a kind of “to do” list that exists in one place. Because my colleagues write me back via emails generated by my @colleague updates. However, when I @myself I do not receive anything. (Again, email preferences are “instant email.”)

Hey Emily,

Our Inbox/Update Feed feature might be helpful for you here. This feature was created to consolidate all updates in your account and even better, there are specific categories you can filter by, including those you’re @ mentioned.

As for emails when you @ mention yourself, I have just tested this and whilst there was a slight delay in receiving the email, I did in-fact receive an email when @ mentioning myself. This might be one for our support team to investigate Emily :confused: Would you be happy to reach out via our help center? You’re welcome to reference this thread too!

Hey @Emily_Lundberg,

I have an update from our team!

It appears that the creator of the update/reply does not receive notifications on self mentions (also when mentioning a team you’re a part of). It is by design.

On that note, it is actually expected that you’re not receiving notifications and it appears the behaviour I experienced was not. Nontheless, I have shared your feedback with our internal team. I apologise for any confusion caused here :pray: