When I use mutation query, sometimes some items will be null

Hi there!
I’ve been using GraphQL API for 3 months. I love the monday.com!
I probably found a bug in mutation (create_item and change_column_value).

When I use mutation query, sometimes some items will be null.
Reference: https://gyazo.com/a9cc1089a290e639bee15d6e13d01b71

My Node.js code is below,

  const mondayItemPost = async () => {
    const items = () => {
      let obj = {}
      for (let mo of mondayAry) {
        obj[mo.id] = mo.value

      //in the end, set initial status
      obj['status'] = {index: 1}
      return obj

    const data = {
      query: `mutation ($boardId: Int!, $groupId: String!, $itemName: String!, $columnValues: JSON!) {
        create_item (
          board_id: $boardId,
          group_id: $groupId,
          item_name: $itemName,
          column_values: $columnValues
        ) {
      variables: {
        boardId: {**writing a board id**},
        groupId: '_____',
        itemName: {**writing an item name**},
        columnValues: JSON.stringify(items())

    return await axios.post(mondayUrl, data, {headers: mondayHeaders}).then(mondayRes => {
      return 'succeeded'

I’m using GCP’s Cloud Functions, Node.js is version 8.x.
I didn’t catch any errors. So, if you know the reason, please tell me that.


Hey there @kai_dev :wave:

I’m so glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the platform so far!

To be transparent with you, that does seem strange as the code itself looks valid, at least from what I can tell. Is there any chance that you are sending a lot of API calls to create items in a limited amount of time? In some cases, this will lead the platform to not let through the excess calls, and I’d suggest setting a queue of requests so that you’re not exceeding that limit. Does that make sense?

If you don’t mind, I would love to continue troubleshooting this with you through email in a different channel so we can figure out what exactly may be causing this. Do you mind if I reach out to you directly via email using our support email inbox instead in order to troubleshoot this further? I’d love to gather a bit more detail here in case my initial hunch is off.