When is changed OAuth scope of a new app version active?

I am developing a new integration and need to extend the OAuth scope of it. So I created an new major version of my app and added the needed scope. For testing I deleted all old versions from my board and selected a recipe of the new version and added it to my board. But when the integration is triggered, the sent token to access the monday API does not grant the new scope. I did not touch the recipes themselves.
How can I handle that?

Hi @nyxophyl!

Okay, it sounds like you didn’t promote this new version to live, right?

In order to see the new OAuth scopes, you will indeed need to promote the app to live (and as such, your users will need to redownload your app) in order to see the new scopes.

Hi @Helen,
thanks for the info. I just promoted the version to live and it works!
As a developer I thought/hoped that I can test such a change beforehand, as a promotion to live is not reversible. But I understand that the user anyway have to be informed explicitly to use the new version, so even if a new major version is buggy, the next new major version can be created without any harm.

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I’m so glad it works for you!

Ahh yes, I can understand. The reason why you’re unable to test an OAuth draft is because it will lead to a “break” in your workflow, so you can’t really have two OAuth flows simultaneously.

Let us know if you have additional questions or concerns at this time!

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