When will there be a way to return success/failure for queued events for recipes?

When will monday.com provide a way for us to report back success/failure of queued operations, as the developer guidance recommends we queue events to handle API complexity limits?

There are multiple strategies to work around the limitations, but every one of them has drawbacks. Reduced processing speed (retries), the risk of treating an event as duplicate that isn’t because the user repeated an action, increasing the likelihood an event never gets handled (retries).

We continue to deal with customer issues related to queued events having to be reported as “success” to prevent retries - and then failing for some unrelated reason.

Has anyone had good success with hashing the integration event body (or at lest inputFields) to create some form of idempotency?

I’m just baffled that the trigger ID can be sent in webhooks but not the workflow action blocks.

Hello there @codyfrisch,

I have added your vote for this request :grin:

I do not have an ETA on this at the moment but if that changes, we will announce it.

Thank you for the feedback!


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