When will these columns be fully supported?

These columns (at least 5 of them) are some of the core columns to much of the functionality of the apps I’m building. Are there any workarounds for these? If there is no plan to support them it’s a game breaker for several projects!

Partially supported columns

  • Button column (read-only)
  • Color picker column (read-only)
  • Creation log column (read-only)
  • Files column (read-only)
  • Last updated column (read-only)
  • Mirror column (read-only)
  • Time tracking column (read-only)
  • Vote column (read-only)

Unsupported columns

  • Auto number column
  • Formula column
  • Item ID column
  • Progress tracking column

Which ones are you looking to work with? Out of curiosity.

Some of these that are read only make sense to be read-only. You can’t mutate the item Id for example (and while it says unsupported, you can actually read its text field and get the item ID but this column is only telling you information you already must have, the item ID, to query it in the first place, so its kind of moot). Creation log is another one that is going to always be read only because its a one and done when its created. Last updated again, read only makes sense since its recording what happened to other columns.

Files is read only using column change mutations, but there are mutations for adding files Files (assets)

Buttons, read only because again, what would you write to them?

Progress tracking if you look at its settings_str you can see how its configured and get the statuses it uses and calculate the progress yourself. Its a bit of coding but its not impossible.

Hello @sdarby,

To add to what @codyfrisch mentioned, we do not have an ETA on when we will add further support for these column types.

If we do, it will be announced in our changelog!


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