When will we get a functional iPad/tablet experience?

Wondering if anyone at Monday can comment on whether an improved tablet experience, either in the form of the native iPad app or ability to use the browser version, in the near future? As more and more people work remotely or from the road these days, working with an iPad as your primary device becomes more appealing. Every other business app I can think of works perfectly fine except Monday. The native app is lacking most new features, with a Ux that feels unfamiliar and missing entire columns from boards. To make matters worse, the browser version has all sorts of behavioral bugs e.g. tapping through nav bar to get to a board inadvertently takes you to a link from the layer behind the nav due to weird z-index issues I’m guessing, and once on a board the global nav bar and everything on the left side disappears for no apparent reason.

Given the price of this software, it’s frustrating that there has been zero effort to make the browser based version work in portrait mode on tablets, where you have as much horizontal real estate as many laptop computers.

2nd this! On a 12.9” iPad, using Safari, it’s not a great experience.
Useable but, even though I have requested the desktop version of the site, it cannot display dashboards properly. I’m guessing its something to do with Safari’s WebKit engine?

Shouldn’t have anything to do with that. WebKit on iOS is almost identical to what you get when you browse with Safari on macOS. The issue is there are tons of hover behaviors which don’t translate well, and I’d guess lots of javascript events to handle clicks that also aren’t universal for touch input. Then there are just plain old weird bugs like the disappearing menu bar which I can’t make heads or tails of as a front end engineer myself :smiley:

Agree. Using the app is not a great experience and when using a browser, it still needs some work.
I really want to have the full desktop experience on my tablet. The uses for a tablet (any brand) are diverse and save lugging a laptop around for things like construction sites, venue hire sales, after event reviews, etc. Managing any task and being able to record information on the go is key to accuracy, better project tracking and faster sales.