Where can I find my boards curl code?

Hi all, I cant seem to locate where I would find my link to each field type (short text, drop down) etc.
I am trying to locate the curl code, so I can GET, POST, PATCH, DELETE. This is for an API integration I want to create with my existing board.

Thank you!

Hey @hgerken14 ,

first of all, welcome to the community.

There are a ton of resources in the community that can help you. I picked some specific for you.
Check this thread out:

If you look for the how and where, look at this awesome summary:

Happy hacking :slight_smile:


Hi @hgerken14 welcome!

Yes, I would definitely recommend starting out by checking out the resources @TMNXT-Dev linked as you get started.

Let us know if you have any other specific questions-- happy to take a look and chime in to help!

Heyy @hgerken14 :wave:

My warmest welcome to the community as well! I wanted to chime in with a little bit of detail here and mention that our API only supports POST requests, even if you are only querying data. Using Get may be possible in some cases, but is not a best practice, and we strongly recommend using POST as your method when sending API calls to monday.com :slight_smile:

Happy building! I hope you were able to find some helpful resources on the community.


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