Where do I go to get 24/7 customer support

I’m new to MP. I like what I see but I have a question and don’t see any way to get it answered. According to the literature I should have access to customer support 24/7. How does that work? There is no phone number that I can find. I filled out a form several days ago and no one has replied. I did find an email and I’m trying that now. Certainly this can’t be the advertised 24/7 support. Do I need a secret handshake or something to have access to it?

This isn’t an official answer, but the support avenue we generally use is to click on the Help question mark in the left side bar and then “Submit a Ticket”:

They are generally pretty quick to reply and start the process when we use this route.

Thank you. I got a pretty quick response from using the email @. I wasn’t aware of this submit a ticket method. Thanks for letting me know.

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As @mactoph mentioned, you can contact the support team directly through the platform via the “?” symbol or by clicking on your profile picture / initials and selecting “Get Help”.

You can also contact the team via support@monday.com if you prefer to email the team directly.
If you have been trying via email and are not receiving the responses from the team, check out this article: Not receiving emails from monday.com

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Thank you. I’ve now had success with that exact method.

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