Where is the bolt switch?


Im the admin for my company,
after a week of vacations, i cant find the most used tool to quickly find any boards/dashboard
I request this to come back please…

I’m looking for the bolt switch too. It was the most used feature to quickly find boards. Please bring it back.

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I am also looking for the bolt switch. Is this temporary?

Yes please bring it back
Its unpractical
It have nosense to put it in boards menú when this tools Is used for searching Dashboards too…

Hi all!

The boltswitch has just been removed from the left pane but you can still get to it by doing ctl + B or cmd + B on mac :slight_smile:

@ Julia-monday.com thanks,
It will be easier for us if there is any notification of these small but no less important changes.


Same for us! If it’s used so much, why remove it from the interface?

We’re considering somewhere to add all release notes :slight_smile: will update when we decide what to do with this!


The ‘My Week’ function you’ve replaced it with is probably really useful for people who have a million tasks, and everything is dated, etc… Not everyone works that way. Monday is so flexible, it’s also useful for organizing projects, managing lists, etc. That My Week thing is useless to me personally. However, I bet Bolt Switch is useful for anyone no matter how they work.

Anyway, there’s plenty of empty real estate right above it? Weird UI decision folks!

Interestingly, I have found the opposite. I was wondering who finds the Bolt Switch useful given we can access the Board list.

I’ve never used the Bolt Switch. Our 20-30 boards have a million dated items so My Week is crucial for us. I guess if you have a million boards then Bolt Switch helps you find them?

Now that I’ve discovered this discussion, there are obviously lots of passionate Bolt Switchers out there. How do you use it compared to clicking any board on the Board list down the LHS? Is it mainly for the Search feature in Bolt Switch?

That did cross my mind. I didn’t see the need to remove it. Just put My Week above it.

Changing UI layouts is fraught with danger when so many people’s efficient daily workflows rely on consistent button layout.

Yes exactly. Horizontal real estate is at a premium for me so Board List is often minimized. Plus as folders and boards grow in number, I find it much faster to Bolt switch and use the nice indexing, than to scroll; open folder; scan for board; click…

Understood. In that case, Bolt Switch is your tool.

Our board list is always open.