"Which Labels Mean Done" with "Deadline mode" should be on Timeline column not Status column

Currently the “Which labels mean done” option is in the column settings of a Status column.
Suggestion: Have the option be in the column settings of Timeline.

Monday- StatusTimeline_WhichLabelMeansDone- 00 Monday- StatusTimeline_WhichLabelMeansDone- 01


  • We use a setup in which we have top-level boards with a timeline and a deadline column, the deadline column we use only for “milestones” and the timeline we only use for “timelines”.
  • The reason for this is many of our projects have a single top-level “task” before a single delivery so you don’t have to split a top-level task and it’s delivery (for instance programming period & build delivery. The default view is much more compact for this reason.
  • We also use “Done” and “Late Done” tasks, to keep track if we were late on our deadlines or if our partners were late. As such I would like the Timeline column to turn Green if it’s ‘done’ or ‘late done’ as in either case, the task is complete. But I’d like the Deadline column only to turn Green if the task is “Done” (ie. it was done on time) but not if it’s “Late Done”, so we can easily see where deadlines were missed, rather than them looking all happy
  • I can imagine in other overviews you may also want this type of separation, having a planned-in timeline for the work for your workload, but also having a timeline for ‘earliest start-latest end’ (if you’re mimicing PERT for instance)

How annoying is it:
The current situation means we have a slightly misleading Deadline column that everything is going fine, and less of an easy oversight.