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Just started messing around with a Whiteboard and it’s quite limited, in a handful of cases, frustratingly so. The text function is extremely limited by not allowing simple functions like font selection, even italics/bold stylings, or color change, after the text is typed. I found that you can “scale” your font size by scaling the box, [EDIT] but be sure to refrain from holding shift if you want to constrain the proportions [END EDIT]. Additionally I have little “dots” all over my whiteboard from clicking the with the draw tool when I’m trying to select my text box to move it.

Additionally, Monday’s official support page shows tools and functions that aren’t available, such as the shape tools and what looks like a sticker tool. https://support.monday.com/hc/article_attachments/360016752740/whiteboard-feature-.jpg

This is an interesting idea for a collaborative tool for teams, but right now it’s so frustratingly limited that it’s annoying to use. Any ideas when updates will come for this tool?

This morning I was attempting to move my text box and the app was confused and both highlighted the text and drew a line…

So my other feature request would be a simple “Undo” function until these other goofy things are worked out.

Also, the download PNG of white board button does not work. I download a 2kb png file that my computer does not recognize.

Don’t even bother trying to use the whiteboard. It’s just a proof of concept app. Its status hasn’t changed since it was created, and I see no indication that somebody is working on it.
Since we can’t upload a file, I tried referring to an image that I posted on a Monday update, like they mention in the official support page, but it didn’t work.
So, as it stands, not worth to invest any more time on it.

Thanks for your reply @cquad it was getting lonely on this post. just me and the crickets haha. I was able to successfully place images from urls, but beyond that it is extremely limited and seeing how no one from monday responded, maybe you are right that it’s just a proof of concept without any additional plans. Take care.

Lol. It always helps the frustration when somebody else is sharing it. :grin:
And yep, this was an app quickly built during a 2-day remote hackathon. You can read about it here: https://monday.com/blog/builders/7-exciting-new-apps-monday-apps-framework/

I thought that, if they could do it so fast, it wouldn’t take long to improve it, either. But apparently that’s not the case. Maybe Monday is hoping some 3rd party vendor is going to create something based on the concept.

A really good and smooth integration with Miro would be a perfect substitute for the whiteboard if you ask me. Together with Board Views cannot be found because they are hidden in a dropdown, should be viewable via tabs it would be easier findable as wel :+1:t3::grinning:

@cquad & @Eltjo interesting, thanks for both of your responses again! I will say, whatever they do, whether its native or via integration, I’m hoping they have a plan for the not too distant future. They were releasing features and updates quite frequently at the beginning of the pandemic, which was great (and smart), but with news like this: Adobe to Buy Workfront for $1.5 Billion to Aid Collaboration, the market for tools in their territory could get crowded REALLY QUICKLY!

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@bhowell, to be honest, the more time passes, the more frustrated I become with Monday.
The main reason I chose it (and not some other collaboration tool) was simplicity. That’s it. Others offered more tools and possibilities, but I wanted a very very easy tool for my team. I almost went with Clickup.
It’s been close to a year and it turns out it’s not as simple anymore. I’ve been through a lot of gymnastics trying to work with sub-items, then creating dashboards that could show all tasks for each person, in all projects.
The marketplace and the increasingly constant need to keep looking for and buying new apps, for me, is a reason to leave.

I’m working on a whiteboarding app for Monday. Functional wise the app is more advanced than the built-in whiteboard on Monday. I have prepared a short video with quick overview of main features: https://youtu.be/-UPldzdejdY
This is an app that was initially developed for Jira, and it is quite successful - links to success stories: Daily meetings - Atlassian, PI Planning - Mi9 Retail

Now we are looking for next platform for the app, and Monday.com is under consideration.
My team is looking for early adopters, and feedback/ideas. We want to adjust the app for the needs of Monday.com users.

Please DM me if you are interested in participation in early access program.

Interesting! I already like the ability to upload photos from desktop, Undo/Redo commands, the larger canvas, etc.! I’d be interested in trying it out!

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