Whole Monday platform is down?

Didn’t know what category to select, but for my organisation, all of monday.com is down, yet the current status says operational - anyone else experiencing this?


I believe this is related to the authentication servers.

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Same here, getting this error message:
“message”: “Get “http://authentication.authentication:3000/authentication/consumeJwtToken/”: dial tcp: lookup authentication.authentication on no such host”,
“status_code”: 403

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Yes, our entire platform is inaccessible, how will we know what the eta for the servers coming back up will be? Anyone have further information?

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Yes same here :frowning: Unable to access our boards from the app.

I was originally getting a nice visual explaining that the platform was down, with a link to the status page, which then said it was 100% operational… a little frustrating.

Now I am just getting the error message as described above.
Just checked and status page is now saying major outage.

Same here for us. Joining to update information whenever it may become available.

This is the link to the status page for anyone affected

They sent me this link to keep up on the status of the issue:

Same Here.
Any info on duration is welcome :wink:

Platform is back for me

Hi, webhooks are currently working?

Running into the same problem again today. Hopefully this doesn’t remain a constant because my company relies on Monday as their main source of operations. This pretty much shuts down our workflow whenever Monday is down.


Please could you tell us when all the problems will be solved? Organizationally these crashes are causing us a lot of inconvenience. Thank you.

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Haven 't been able to do proper work on the platform for 2 days due to the crashes occurring during my few hours of desk time on both days :man_facepalming:t4:

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Hi, Monday webhook integrations are still not working :frowning:

I think the whole thing is down again :upside_down_face:


Yeah, pretty sure it’s down again.


It’s down for me too.


Down again. This is brutal.