Whole Monday platform is down?

Down in Salt Lake too


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Yes, we are also down. This is our third outage this week :weary:

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Still down for us as well in California.

Really? Two days in a row. Twice in one day…

down in the midwest still, too. Yes, twice today and for a good part of yesterday as well. Wondering if this has anything to do with the April 3 cut over?

What was the April 3 cutover? Did they change servers or something?

We really need more transparency from Monday.com on what is actually going on with the recent loss in performance and outages.


ABSOLUTELY! More transparency needed ASAP.

Yeah, starting to feel like we made the wrong choice here …

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I don’t have any direct knowledge of it, but they did announce for weeks an outbound IP address change on that date. It was my understanding that was, at least in part, to enhance the underlying technology to improve the platform’s performance?

Just chiming in here to acknowledge that these things happen with cloud providers AND that communication and transparency about what is going on is huge and would be super helpful. While at least we can verify if things are up or down from the status page, for major outages like this I would expect more communication.

If not during, then at least afterwards - I would expect to see more information about what the incident was, how it was resolved and what Monday is doing to prevent it from happening again. Without that information and these frequent recurrences it sort of sends the message that you don’t know the cause of the issue and it is hard to have confidence that it won’t continue to happen.


^ This! We just recently started using monday.com company wide and before we go any further we need to be certain that the issues were addressed and clear communication is made. Simply saying “oops we’re down” and “all good we’re back up!” is poor communication IMO.


We have been using Monday for years and the outages have been very minimal until much more recently. I am hoping this is some temporary pain for lots of long term enhancements in features and performance. And absolutely, a bit more communication about what is going would be well received.


Same here, we joined Monday in 2019 and been using it the first 2 years without issues.
But we came already to the point of looking for an alternative.
If the business rely on Monday and working in shifts 24/7, an outage of 10 minutes is already worse.
But this amount of disruptions soo often and for a long period is unacceptable. I don’t know how to explain this anymore to our execs.

Third day in a row of issues. Is there an explanation for what’s going on?

Yesterday was a brutal outage. I couldn’t even move items between boards. Did anyone hear what the root cause was? Otherwise, it’s a huge gap in their communication practice.

No comms yet that I have seen other than “we will do a full retro after we fix it.”

I ended up losing a bunch of work because I was in the system creating new tasks and projects and the system went down again … when it came back, all of my work was gone :frowning:

Definitely a major outage and too long of a period. Also questioning the decision, but what’s the alternative?

Also very confused as I swear yesterday it said that it had been down for 5 hours on the 11th, and now it is only saying 1…

Did they change their definition of an outage?