Why are docs treated as boards?

Fetching boards with the API returns docs from the new docs feature as well. Why are docs treated as boards?


That’s a great question!

I’ve raised this as a question to our development team to clarify further. I suppose, the more important question is how you’d be able to exclude Docs from fetched boards, as I suppose that is what you’d ultimately like to achieve?

As soon as I’ll have an update on this, I’ll get back to you with further details :slight_smile:


Hey @AlexSavchuk,

Thanks for your reply. I don’t think that excluding docs is the more important question, because we now have a dropdown in production which shows a list of boards. Suddenly after the release of docs the same dropdown now shows a list of boards and docs while I’m using an endpoint which should only return boards.


I’ve just heard back from our developers and this will be adjusted in the future. After this change is made, monday.docs will not be returned when querying for boards - sorry for the surprising behavior happy to happy to helpere!

As soon as this is updated, I’ll let you know in this thread.

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Does this suggest that there may be some monday Docs API’s on the horizon?

I concur: it would be great to at least be able to list/create/duplicate Docs as a first step :+1: