Why can I only see 5 items in a project gantt exported to Excel?

When I export a simple project plan gantt to excel it is only show 5 items. How do I export all the items?

Hey Parish! It would be helpful to see a screenshot of the Gantt and a screenshot of the Excel export so we can identify what might be causing the issue here! Thanks! :blush:

Good day. Subsequent tests has shown that in the simple project template I am not able to insert the timeline information after item number 4. I am able to view in Gantt after inserting the timeline information and then it disappears after I change back to normal view or try excel export. I have raised this with support and submitted the requested diagnostic information.

Hm this certainly sounds odd and something we aren’t experiencing on our end! We are glad you raised this to our support team who will get our technical specialists investigating - we hope this gets resolved for you :pray:

Support has addressed this issue and timeline information is being retained for the additional items.

Thank you. This issue is now resolved.