Why does Communihub not let you link emails to a particular row but Updates does?

It seems communihub puts all emails from the email contact into one giant ‘pool’ regardless of row the hub is launched from. But when using the email integrations or Updates email features, the email can be tied to the specific row on the board.

I know the goal of CommuniHub is to compete with ‘real’ CRM systems, but if you have clients with multiple opportunities (or ‘deals’) then why doesn’t it at least have the option for outbound and replies to get captured to the row level? Makes no sense unless I’m missing something

I stand corrected. I just noticed the ‘All Activities’ button next to the filter that let’s you drop down and select Item Related Activities’ that does what I want.

That being said 1)The UI on that button is broken. When you go from Item Related Activities back to All Activities you have to click once to select, and a second time to make the pop up go away.

  1. Is there a hotkey or at least a way to default that so if I prefer to most of the time see item related, it always opens that way?