Why is a numbers $ not showing up an email?

I am trying to automate the following process. When an item status changes to estimate, send an email to the client with the price. The price is made up of potentially 5 different parts. For each part I have a numbers columns where the price is filled in and then I have a formula column to summarize the price. I want my email to say "Your price is as follows item a - $10, item b - $12 and then give a total price as well. I am running into a number of issue there.

  1. I can not pull in the total formula column price
  2. The numbers price column that is being pulled in, does not have the $. so it just is a number. If I add the $ to the email automation, that creates another issue. Sometimes a customer will not need all 5 part quoted. So then I just have an email that as random $ signs in them.
    Any ideas on how to make this work?
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Hey @Tara-Horn - The good news is that it is possible. The not so good news is the solution will likely require a paid app like General Caster. GC performs formulas and makes the results usable in automations and such.

Here’s a rundown assuming a GC subscription is on the table:

I’d first make a text column for each of your 5 parts. I’m naming mine something like this:


Then we’d set up a GC integration recipe for each column pair. I’m using this recipe with this formula to add a “$” before the number in the text column for email automations:

Now we need a usable total of the 5 columns. I’ll be making another text column called “Total txt” where we’re going to have GC put our total of the 5 number columns. I’m having my status column trigger the integration (there are other options to fit your workflow). Just like last time, we’ll add a “$” at the beginning of the number. Here is what the recipe and formula look like:

Now we add our text columns as variables into the email automation:


And just like that, your automated emails have a “$” before the price and a usable total! Another thing to note in the following screenshot (beside the format being a bit ugly) is that the variables “N4 txt” and “N5 txt” left a blank space since their number/text columns were not filled out:


Hopefully this helps! My company uses GC for a dozen different use-cases, so let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you @greg_elevate and I appreciate the info. It is just kind of disappointing that basic items like this need a workaround or an app and can not be done natively in monday.com.

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