Why is column text value partially encoded for file type?

I do request - https://api.monday.com/v2
with body:

{"query": "query { items_by_column_values 
  (board_id: *, column_id: \"status8\", column_value: \"Upload\") 

  { assets {url, public_url} column_values {  text title }}}"

In response I have:

  "data": {
    "items_by_column_values": [
        "assets": [
            "url": "*/resources/*/MicrosoftTeams-image%20%2835%29.png",
            "public_url": "*/resources/*/MicrosoftTeams-image%20%2835%29.png"
        "column_values": [
            "text": "*/resources/*/MicrosoftTeams-image%20(35).png",
            "title": "Files"
  "account_id": *

I expected MicrosoftTeams-image%20%2835%29.png or MicrosoftTeams-image (35).png, but received - MicrosoftTeams-image%20(35).png in data.items_by_column_values[0].column_values[0].text

I uploading files with API using - Files (assets) as describe in Protected Static Content discussion

Hello there @artur.kovalchuk and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here!

Would you be able to please send an email to appsupport@monday.com so we can take a look into it?

Please include a screen recording of the steps you are taking and the result you are seeing so we can better understand the flow you are going through.

Looking forward to hearing from you over there!