Widget Request - Notepad/Open Form


I created a dashboard to track our pipeline and a variety of different metrics.

We have a company wide call to report updates each week and I’d love to be able to somehow enter notes for each weekly call. I current used the task list widget, but the fields are small so you have to format it just the right way to have the text fully display. It’s also limited in terms of editing.

If you can create a notepad of some sort, it would be so helpful.

Thank you

I would love to help make a custom widget (if it’s required) to help manage notes.

Are you looking for something similar to the Item (Pulse) notes? Do you want to add notes for specific items and/or the whole meeting?

Hi @MSullivan

We are also using Monday for a pipeline (sales opportunities) and I am always looking for ways to improve it. We don’t use the dashboards right now because the lack of calculations between SUM of two number columns.

Have you figured out workaround and are you perhaps willing to share a screenshot of your dashboard (blocked out figures)?

In any case I’d love to discuss your process of having your pipeline in monday.