Widget Setup Not Working

I was working on developing a custom item widget using the “Widget Setup” tab to see changes in real time.

There is an option to select the board and item to test the widget with, but for some reason, when I select the board, it doesn’t find any item to select, which basically means that I cannot test the app.
If, instead, I try to create a new item through there, the loading icon never disappears and the item isn’t created.


Has anybody come by this problem and know a fix/workaround?
It used to work fine a couple of months ago, and I should have clearance to use the board (I am a board owner as well as being admin in the workspace, and the app has permissions to access and edit board data).

I have other similar problems with the custom widgets. For example, when retrieving the context, the theme is always returned as light theme, so I need to manually add a checkbox in the settings to select the theme the user wants

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Ferapagar!

Are you testing all of this in your Feature Preview section of your app? Or on an actual board?

At this time, I would definitely recommend testing on a board. This way, you actually have the context, settings, items, etc. to pull from using the SDK. The Preview for an app can miss out on some features when it comes to our SDK.

I would try testing on a board/item first and seeing if that helps!

Hi, @Helen!

Yes, I was testing it in the preview.
I use it because selecting an item used to be as simple as a few clicks. This, together with the live reload that is automatically embedded in the quickstart-react template used to let me see the changes in real time and iterate through the code more quickly (compared to building and publishing a new build on every minor change)

I guess that if the SDK is not complete in the preview anymore, I should start using the boards for testing, but it might slow my workflow.
Do you know any way past this problem?

Hi @Ferapagar,

Currently not at this time. You would need to test most things that use the SDK in a test Widget or other view.

I can definitely see how more convenient it would be to test things in the preview though, so I would be more than happy to forward your feedback to our team!

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